A short trip to the Big Lake

It’s almost the end of our summer here in Anchorage. Well, we have to enjoy the little perks while it lasts. The company decided to arrange a picnic to the Big Lake which a little bit outside the city with an awesome road trip with a beautiful scenic beauties.

We started our journey around 9 in the morning. The plan was to have a barbeque setup at the camping site in the Big Lake with Hamburgers, sausages, Brisket and Chicken. We have already planned who will bring whatsoever for the trip and everything was well planned except for the fact the weather might interfere our plan because as per the weather forecast there was an 80% chance of rain. But we took our chances and still wet with the plan. On the day of the trip, one of the colleagues was nice enough to pick me up from my apartment and I had the dessert with me for which I was responsible for. We stopped by one of the grocery stores to get some ice, chips and several savory items and went on our way.

The road trip is fascinating here in Alaska. The enormous mountainous views, the blue sky and the roads that follow through the mountains. It’s just beautiful. It took us around an hour and half to reach there. We set up the barbeque grill, arranged the tables and started setup up for the grilling.

Our boss was very kind enough to rent a boat for us to go around the lake. It was a fantastic ride, and I did couple rides before the end of the trip. I also got to drive the boat for once and it was a nice experience. The best of the thing was the weather was kind enough to not deceit us for the entire duration of the trip.

Some of them was swimming in the lake but I was not ready to get myself wet and do all the clean ups that follows. Overall, it was a fun trip and I got to meet all the family members of my coworkers and they were all beautiful bunch.

Well, this is just a start before I get to every nuke and corner of Alaska and I believe it’s going to be an amazing journey.

Vajeeh Mohammed


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