A day trip to Jones Beach

Since the weather has been consistently above the ‘bearable’ limit in the last 2 months in New York City, it is essential for us to take every opportunity to get to a beach – and luckily, New York State has plenty of nice options.

During a little gathering with my colleagues on a Saturday evening, we decided that we are driving to Fire Island the next morning, no matter what. As the night ended pretty late, we could only start the trip around noon, but had little traffic, and a generally pleasant ride. We arrived at the Ferry station (where we had to take a ferry to get to the island) around 1 pm, only to realize the next one leaves at 3, which would mean we would never get there, and that we would have to wait almost 2 hours.

So we switched to Plan B, which was to find a nearby beach by car, as close and as soon as possible. That is how we ended up at Jones Beach, which was actually not that far from our initial destination. Luckily, it also had a great vibe to it, and we could find a really nice spot for us. For the rest of the day, we played board games, had a few beers (not the driver of course!), and had fun with the huge waves in the ocean. We also got our skins a little sunburnt – apparently no sunscreen can take on the crazy summer NYC sun. Anyway, I have two nice white palm marks on my back now.

After a couple of hours, at around 6 we decided it’s time to head back to the city. We packed our stuff and our sunburnt skins, got in the car, and drove back. On the way back the entire team was knocked out from those hours on the sun, barely awake. Good thing our driver was alert!

Ákos Orbán


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