E4 – Magazzino Italian Art

Many times, art and architecture have diffused limits. As you know, I arrived in NYC in March, and two weeks later, everything was closed until further notice. I was so unlucky that I had no chance to visit any of them. I had the likeliness to walk through the fifth avenue completely alone and explore NY in an unrepeatable way, but you cannot judge a city only for its streets or its buildings. After being here for seven months, most of the museums begun to open in September.  Now, I have the opportunity to meet a new part of the City, not only represented by the steel and the concrete. In the next three posts, I will talk about my visits, experiences, and thoughts of the NY museums.

One of the first to open in the State was the Magazzino Italian Art Museum. Located in Cold Spring, in the middle of the countryside, it is a perfect place if you need a break from the urban life of such a big city. You could go by train to the town and then take an Uber or a bus to the Museum. It was designed by Miguel Quismondo, a Spanish architect based here in New York. After the first wave, they implemented all the possible restrictions to avoid the spread of the virus including some cool small devices that emit a vibration when someone is less than 6 feet away. The museum contains some interesting works from the Arte Povera from the last century to the contemporary Italian art. The museum has two volumes, the first one is a renovation of an older factory with an incredible exposed metal joist structure. The second volume is a huge concrete box with a translucent skylight that allows the light to enter the building and create a magic atmosphere. The tension between the two pieces appears in the central patio. There was a little temporary exhibition from some contemporary artists here in New York that explored and investigated new techniques and ways of expressing their art during the spring lockdown. I almost forgot… MQArchitecture is my office! Follow us on Instagram!

I am starting to discover the culture in the US and in the next post, I will talk about the Whitney Museum of American Art and the MoMA!! Stay tuned!

Juan Carlos Bragado


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