5 Young Architects to Follow Over The Next 5 Years

Within the profession of Architecture  is important to have mentors and architects to follow, so you can experience new ideas and ways of thinking and shape and craft your own design style. We have compiled 5 Young Architects that are looking to take on the industry with these new insights and perspectives over the next 5 years.

Pascale Sablan

Pascale is currently senior associate at S9 Architecture, Pascale is also the Founder & Executive Director of Beyond the Built Environment, which is an organization with the expressed goal of working with the community through architecture to promote equitable and diverse environments. Pascale also curates a series of SAY IT LOUD exhibitions originated at the AIANY Center for Architecture focused on elevating the contributions of women and diverse designers.

Trần Thị Ngụ Ngôn and Nguyễn Hải Long

TROPICAL SPACE is their architecture firm based in Ho Chi Minh city, and they are specialized in designing and planning from master planning, urban design, architecture, landscape and interior design. With a deep understanding in Vietnam’s culture and climate, Tropical Space is committed to encouraging the clients toward the use of environmentally friendly, building practices and sustainable material selection. Their firm has won dozens of awards in just a few short years in part because of its perforated brickwork skin as you see below.

Satoshi Teshima

Satoshi is the associate vice president at HGA Architects and Engineers in Los Angeles, and is a leader in sustainable design. Best known for his LEED Platinum Los Angeles Harbor College Science Complex in Wilmington, California. Although he is relatively young in comparison to his peers, Satoshi has been able to revolutionize and inspire many new ways of leading within the industry, especially when it comes to LEED Ratings.

Chris-Annmarie Spencer

Currently a Project Architect at Wheeler Kearns Architects in Chicago, Chris-Annmarie Spencer provides her expertise with public interest design. Work with nonprofit Inspiration Kitchens gives you a sense of her love for applying design to solve social issues. Chris-Annmarie transformed a 1906 building in Chicago to create a 7,800-square-foot, 80-seat restaurant serving both affordable and market-rate meals for working-poor families and the general public respectively. Her work was recognized with a AIA Young Architects Award in 2017.

Reza Najafian

Reza Najafian is the principal of ReNa Design, and is an Iranian architect known for winning the 2016 A+Award in the Low Rise Multi-Unit Housing category for the splendidly sculptural Afsharian’s House (as pictured below). His work with the wood façade provides the apartment building with a design that stands out amongst the area. The white exterior that provides a split within the façade made of wood, also creates a useful space to create design through sunlight.

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