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The tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon is such a thing in the US, and Jimmy Fallon is a well-known American comedian, actor, television host, writer and producer, most famous for his former work at Saturday Night Live (SNL). Currently hosting the late-night show The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, he also won a Grammy Award in 2013 for Best Commedy Album. The late-night show takes place at the NBC Studios in Manhattan on the Rockefeller Center.

The first time I had the chance to see a glimpse of him was during the Thanksgiving Parade in Manhattan. As always Jimmy Fallon was excited to see the public who at the same time was very excited to see him. By then, I had already seen a few of his shows, but that day triggered my interest in watching his show. That’s when I searched about The Tonight Show and learned more about how could I possibly attend such an event! On his late-night show there’s always a famous actor and musician showing up, and that sounded even more exciting! Not only do you get the chance to be in the late-night show audience, but also get to see a bunch of famous celebrities! That’s how you know you are in New York! Things are made here and famous people that one usually see on the movies really live here!

About a month ago I applied to the show and then two weeks later I checked to see if there were any news. In order to attend The Tonight Show I signed-in at 1iota.com, and chose the late-night show for my birthday. I really wanted to see it but I knew chances to be selected were scarce. And Bang! Same day I re-checked their website, they sent me an email stating I was selected for the show! Of course when you apply you have to give them at least a reason for why you want to attend that day, so I think I had a good reason in order to be selected! Two free tickets to one of the most famous shows in the US for no other day than my 30th birthday!! I had to ask for a personal day off at work and got ready for such a special celebration!

Not only did I get the chance to see Jimmy Fallon and The Tonight show, but also the guests were amazing! Seeing the Backstreet Boys was something I couldn’t have anticipated! I felt like going back to the 90s and that was so much fun! Other than them, we also got to see the actress from Crazy Rich Asians; a movie I got to see last summer at Movies Under The Stars at Transmitter Park in Brooklyn. Finally, the event ended with the music of Skip Marley, the son of Bob Marley. I was completely blown away by seeing how everything was staged live! The fact that there are no previous rehearsals simply amazes me! The production team, that work hard behind the cameras, really do an incredible job of planning everything spontaneously! Being part of the audience also has it’s importance as we were there to cheer them up and do our best!

One thing to take into consideration when applying for The Tonight Show is that they start early. Somewhere around 3:45pm. Even though you may get selected, there is a slight chance you will not attend the show. They have to make sure they have enough audience for the day, so they overbook the tickets. This means you enter on a first come, first served basis and you cannot show up too many hours in advance. Just make sure you arrive in time, as they recommend you to be there half an hour earlier! Once you attend the show you will have to wait for another six months in order to participate once again.

For me it was a great opportunity and an incredible experience that I would surely want to repeat some time soon! Those things can only happen when you live here and it’s something you don’t want to miss! Therefore, I highly encourage everyone to find out more about Jimmy Fallon and The Tonight Show!


Cristina Marin


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