Why You Should Help Your Architecture Firm Blog More?

In the architecture industry, blogging has proven to be a way in which companies are able to improve their visibility at the same time as their conversion rates improve. A firm that doesn’t blog is creating a major deficit for their firm as the lack of a marketing presence means another firm can take advantage and win over your future possible customers. Such a situation means you have a hole in your boat and water is leaking in, which slows you down.

Main two reasons for a firm to start blogging: You want to increase traffic to your website and company, or you want to increase conversions. By varying the type of content you create, you will be able to achieve different goals through your blog.

How to create content that leads to traffic?

First aspect you want to target when trying to communicate with a possible client is that you are a firm full of experts and trustworthy people that have years in the industry and know exactly what you need.

First timers should try to heavily focus on creating social verification, meaning high quality reviews and testimonials, or proof from objective sources that you are worth looking into. Establish your company as an authority within your industry. Some ideas you can take on for content are shown below:

E-Guides that are all inclusive and try to tackle key concerns and pains of your ideal conversion

E-Guides is content written to provide value to the possible client, but also emphasize your firm’s position as the leading authority on a particular field. Try to focus on the areas where your firm is very strong and able to provide the service they are looking for.

Readers that choose to select your Guide will enter with certain expectations. They want you to do a deep dive in this specific area, and they expect to leave feeling fully informed to make important decisions. Creating a guide also shows you have a love for the industry, and are trying to reinvest in the younger generation and those that will carry the architecture industry forward.

List-Based Articles

The best part of list-based articles is that they do not have to be too in-depth, you are able to link to many different resources, which improves the odds of you being found by others. Not only that, it is shorter reading meaning a smaller time commitment for the reader. All of these factors create a wonderful tool that can be deployed to entice people into your blog.

It is also another chance to show you appreciate the accomplishments of others within your industry, and also allows your readers to understand more about where your firm draws inspiration from. This content has shown to be effective at attracting links and social shares and should be considered as a key part of your overall strategy.

Bring on Expertise and People that others want to hear!

Interviews with experts and architects that others want to hear from is the best way to command authority and gain trust from your readers. If their idols and people they look up to want to be connected with your firm, then you are probably doing something correctly. It is similar to a form of crowdsourcing where you ask the for their input on a narrow, focused area where they answer one or two questions.

Through this kind of content you are improving your social visibility and you will get promotion from the academic or architect by them promoting the interview. You also want to make sure that you are connecting with influencers to help drive traffic towards these events!

A video series provides you with a tool that can be sequential and build on top of the last video. This will create more natural clicks and interest that is consistent and not just a one time click.

All of these tools show how easy it is to get started with helping your firm enter the world of blogging and create a stronger, more consistently engaged community!

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