From my professional experiences, the improvement of the entire team’s skills and a comfortable work environment has been the key to promoting an active culture. The latest software and an ergonomic office design are helpful for the well-being of the personnel and efficiency; although, the resource that promotes significant decisions and generates ideas for the company is the human resource.

Once time ago when I was just starting my career, my boss told me “my job is like my second family”, at this moment I knew the situations that the company was facing to maintain the employees. The effort of the company to take care of us produced in me the desire to work still more for the company’s interest as well as I was doing it for my professional growth. I was so grateful because of the dedication of the company, that I started to align the team’s interest in the same direction to help the company, and I started to find better ways to improve the teamwork, resulting in a call that I received to notify me that my boss had promoted me as the coordinator of the office. These kinds of moments show you that your attitude can bring great changes, making you feel proud of yourself.

Is incredible the different paths that an architect can choose, the key is to identify yourself about what do you like. This program is a so beneficial opportunity for those who are looking to explore a world of opportunities, recognize what they want, and then encourage themselves to work for a better professional future.

Take the decision to move to a foreign at first might may feel exciting although some scary at the same time; but after you put on the table the things for which you want to fight for, then you will begin to feel strengthens and motivated for what will come, just pursue for your dreams and you will figure out as many things of yourself, that you will feel proud of yourself for what you have done and will be motivated for what will come by your efforts. Live enjoining the moment and designing a better world!

Moisés Arauz


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