Month 4 – New York’s Music

December has been the most eventful month yet – the same can be said for the weather. Just like in November, it’s been awfully cold. The upside, though, is that I experienced snow for a few days. And New York covered in snow is something everyone has to be.

The past month, the things I’ve done have allowed me to travel more outside of Manhattan. For instance, I went to Brooklyn to see a concert. The person that was headlining was an up-and-coming pop musician Julian Lamadrid. Funnily enough, we used to go the same high school in Dubai, which made for a fun little reunion. Furthermore, I was able to attend a concert by a band called Streetlight Manifesto. The people I’m staying with in New York took me to see them, as they’re their favourite band. It was a little intense for me, but enjoyable nonetheless.

Another event that I attended because of my hosts was a company holiday party that the architecture firm that I’m working for, GF55, was invited to as well. It was really fun to loosen up with my workmates and see another side of them. It was also interesting to see more people related to the field of architecture such as engineers and real estate developers.

What was also eventful in December was – of course – Christmas. This was celebrated with my family who came over to visit me. It was nice to seen them, as I saw them last time in November when my dad flew over for the weekend (he’s a pilot). Spending time with them was really great and I was able to show them around the city that I’ve come to love so much. I showed them the office where I worked and we spend time on the New York highline. They were here through New Year as well, meaning I spend New Year’s Eve with them as well.


Ingo Aelbers

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