How to improve the quality of your candidacy as an Architect from outside the US

Gessa Mae Albiol joins our CEO Pati Garcia for an interview that may have had some technical issues, but still provided our community with some tips and tricks and gems for new professionals joining the architecture world.

In the beginning of the interview Gessa Mae Albiol talks about her experience of pulling all nighters and trying to keep up with the demanding workflow of being an architect. She went on to talk about how her first interaction with Architecture was through the perspective of a young girl that wanted to build a home for her family.

Although learning about the construction process and how to use new materials was daunting, I was able to find the mentors and support I needed to take on my fears and improve myself, personally and professionally. – Gessa Mae

She later went on to talk about how she was able to apply her experiences in University to the opportunity to work in the USA.聽Gessa was able to leverage her professional network and experience to get the opportuntity to work in Watertown, New York with Aubertine + Currier.聽Her focus has always been on finding mentors and taking advantage of her chances to contribute to the US architecture industry.

Learn more about how聽Gessa聽was able to distinguish herself from the rest of the candidates and make a compelling case for her candidacy. She also gives us an idea of her biggest fears within her career and some of the more difficult times that she faced when making her way out of her university experience.

If you have any questions for her, please submit them below and we will respond ASAP! 馃憞馃憞馃憞馃憞


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