SOHO, is an area of ​​Manhattan where you know new brands, or see those stores where in your hometown there was only a small section in the English court. One day walking I realized that there was a store of beautiful leather bags.
As on many other occasions you enter and take a look at everything. Personally, I like to make these types of plans more than buying to buy. When you enter a store in Soho, not only the glamor of the area invades you but the people who serve you. Well, between interested in a leather jacket I needed and I found a girl who treated me with a very nice face. Those kind of people who tell you everything with just a smile ..? Well, that was her. His name was Shanti and he had brown skin and Indian features. I wonder if he had just arrived in the city and told him a little about me.
He told me that she had the green card by lottery, because she had applied and touched her. His country of origin was India but he came from an adopted family from northern Italy. He told me that he had been in town for a short time and if we were going to have a beer one day. He gave me his number the next weekend we stayed at Rockefeller center. He told me that he was a flight attendant but that when he touched the green card he wanted to fulfill his dream of living in Manhattan.
This is how you meet people in Manhattan, just people connect with each other because nobody belongs to NY. Nobody has that belonging of being from somewhere, people are passing through, or not. But everyone joins the idea of ​​discovering the city and its charms.
We end up making many plans together and in contact from time to time. I remember that he always carried a coffee thermos and a water thermos in his backpack. He loved the color red and could not miss his black velvet gloves. His name was Shanti.

Marta Barcia

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