First Impressions

When I landed in New York I didn’t know exactly what to expect. It was my first time in the Big Apple, and until now I only knew it from photos or movies. I could never have imagined it would be such a spectacular city.

The City: From my point of view, the best way to know a place is to walk through it. And that’s what I did. I took advantage of the first days when I didn’t have to work yet, to walk as much as I could: Broadway Ave, Central Park, High Line, Chelsea MarketManhattan is full of places to get lost.

The People: possibly the most international and multicultural city in the world, you will come across people of all kinds of nationalities, ethnicities, cultures...and that’s great! Another thing I like most about the people of this city is that everyone goes their way and no one judges you. But on the other hand, they are quite open and friendly people when you need them

The Studio: The reception was quite good. The first week they showed me both the functioning and organization of the studio and the projects they were currently working on. My coworkers were friendly and welcoming since the beginning. My first tasks were simple and helped me to understand everything that had been explained to me and I always had the help of my coworkers if I had any doubts. In the following weeks, I was given more complex and responsible tasks, I felt integrated into the dynamics of the study very quickly and I noticed how they gave me their confidence to let me make certain decisions. Without a doubt, it has been a very promising beginning, and with each passing day, I learn something new.

If it’s true that first impressions count, the first impression I got at the beginning of this experience couldn’t have been better, and the best thing of all is that this has only just begun!

Carlos Gómez


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