A new architectural adventure called ‘Cll’

I am already in Tucson-Az after a very long flight with stops in Miami and Phoenix. I perceive Tucson as a very welcoming city,  since mi first minute at the airport people were really kind and helpful with tips on how to take the bus, get downtown and buying tickets. I am extremely exited for beginning  this new adventure at Cll Concept Lighting Lab llC which is a studio of very talented Lighting designers and architects, the firm is leaded by Claudia Kappl Joy who has more than fifteen years on the field of lighting and interior design and also the Architect Rick Joy who has influenced greatly  the architecture of the south west of the United States for the last two decades.

The studio si located at Barrio Viejo, a historic district near Tucson Downtown where you can find one floor houses with a bit of hispanic influence in the building style with is also very appropriate for living in the desert, with very thick walls and small windows and generous backyards so dress air is never missing. I just visited the studio , it is set in a historic renovated house by the same firm, the place is equipped with all the necessary tools to work, computers, tables, books and  generous space  in the meantime I meet my new workmates, they are a group of young friendly and motivated  architects from Europe, North America and Central America  looking forwards fresh ideas combined with expertise. I really can’t wait to start working with them I thing it will be a very valuable experience to me and grow professionally and personally. So here comes the new challenge I  hope I could contribute to the studio from my architectural background and previos experience however im sure I will learn a lot so I feel really lucky to be in this part of my life.

Sebastian Espinoza

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