Finally Autumn is coming !!

Hey guys, Today I would like to tell you about seasonal news in Brooklyn, NYC in which was coming the beautiful autumn season. We can see many people enjoy chilling outside with coffee, and I was also hanging out in the park to see the autumn leaves and walking in the city. As you know that we are still faced with the COVID-19 in the city, and everybody generally stays at home as much as possible, however, there are many people to enjoy the city life the only weekend. Most restaurants and diners can occupy customers inside around 25% permitted by updated COVID regulation right now. Therefore, the city is getting open than the previous situation, and it makes people happy to get back to the original environment.

Brooklyn is in NYC has many great cozy places where the photo shows the beautiful street with many cafes and restaurants nearby Prospect Park. Sometimes, I am hanging out to see Brooklyn’s cityscape in which is the historical, industrial, and cozy buildings that are representative of a local place. I feel that the cityscape has a different character depends on each season by the landscape, especially Brooklyn. There is a good contrast between the building’s exterior material and landscape to create unique and original esthetics in this season when is a good time to get rest with your friends along the streets or parks. It is super beautiful!!

As I mentioned that the city is still in a difficult situation, but we have to spend a good time, believing this storm will be gone as long as sooner. I also believe that it ended up within this year, then hopefully get everything back in the early next year eventually. We have to be positive, strong, and healthy by the end of this year.

Toshinosuke Matsuki


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