Ice Hockey

One day at the office we were offered eight VIP tickets to an Ice Hockey Game! The game took place at the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey. The teams were the Devils from New Jersey versus the Canadiens. What an exciting game!

First of all, this was my very first experience at a sport game in the VIP section. Such an experience watching a game from a very nice spot, and having a free buffet with a wide range of delicious food! Indeed it was a high-level experience! Now, the game was very entertaining, as the team players started to fight during the game while the viewers were cheering them up! I’ve never seen something like this before, where people celebrate a brutal fight during the game! I bet it was part of the show! However, sometimes the players seemed to take it quite seriously. As a fact, they even have a name for it in hockey, known as fisticuffs. Mainly when the players drop their gloves and start throwing punches at each other. That’s when it’s considered a penalty.

The well-known acronym of NHL represents the National Hockey League, a professional ice hockey league in North America.  The game last 60 minutes and is divided in 3 parts, each one being 20 minutes long. During the break time, they cleaned the rink making sure it was nice and smooth for an ideal game. One of the most challenging things is that you have to send the puck to your teammate’s stick in a fast pace while skating.  During the game, they incite people to make noise as part of supporting their team! Whenever one team would score a goal they would celebrate it with lots of noise and the big letter ”Gooooooal” on the main screen, only cheering for the home team rather than the oponent!

The equipment also plays an important role in the game. The sweater, the skates, the stick and the helmet are crucial for a proper game! As a goalie or goalkeeper you must also wear a throat protector and helmet to protect your neck and face; as well as a knee, chest and arm protector and the gloves, one being a blocker, that blocks the puck to keep it out of the goal and the other glove is the catcher used to catch it to prevent scoring a goal. The goalie is definitely an important player in ice hokey! A good goalie can take the team a long way!

During the whole game, the competition was real and both teams were pretty tied! It was quite emotional as both teams were fighting until the very last moment, when they had to extend the game and go to penalties. It was a bitter sweet moment at the end of the game when the Canadiens won towards the Devils. I have to say that the Devils are very loved here in New Jersey, they are the favorite ice hokey team! Although they did not win the game, they were the best most of the time and we surely had to support them, as real Devils fans!

Next season, I will have to check into an ice hockey game here in New York!! The Rangers are the famous ones here, and the show must be a good one! For me it was a great experience, one that I will surely love to repeat!


Cristina Marin


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