Why it is important to think less of yourself and more of the employer when applying for jobs!?

The last time you entered into an interview for a job opportunity, what were you thinking? What ideas were running through your mind? 👀

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Recently Archinect had an article published called “When applying to jobs, think less of yourself and more of the employer”, which tackled the value of thinking about yourself as a problem solver, and not just a designer. They state that, “Over time architects develop a distinct ability to solve their client’s “problem” in a manner that encompasses their personal touch and creative aptitude. There is a realization that the project is about someone else, but the vehicle and means to realize that project is grounded in the designer.”

Last time, you were most likely considering how you can fit in to the company you were interviewing for, and not thinking about what kind of customers the company attracts. Although it seems counter-intuitive when you are about to interview for an opportunity, you want to make sure that you are a problem solver for the firm!

Many times you want to tell the employer your whole life story and what you believe in! These are very important details to make clear, yet you must clarify and organize your skills and experience in a way that portrays how you can solve the problems they have.

In order to prepare for this interview, make sure you understand what they need in a new employee, and what their current most pressing problems are! That way you can promote yourself as the solution for their problem. Your personal brand should be tied to the firm and their identity, and the customers they design for.

Think of your application as a “design proposal” and define how you could take on the key problems the firm has!

When you have a mindset of “how can I best respond to this opportunity” as opposed to “I really hope they like me” your decisions become more intentional and will likely give you a more powerful grounding to make a stronger impression.

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