Second first day of office!

Here we go…again! After a few months of uncertainty, lockdown, and hard work, it seems that the return to normalcy is closer than ever, along with the rediscovery of New York….how different will this return be?

Starting in the mornings, it will be time to get up early again. It is undeniable that it is quite comfortable to have the office at the foot of your bed, and even more so when you get a couple of hours of sleep because of it!

Another typical scene of New York mornings before confinement is the crowded subway, where it’s sometimes hard to get into the car, let alone sit down. But, for the sake of the common good, that scene should not happen and so, for the time being, we will have to wait a little longer for that to happen again. The only good thing for those of us who have to use the metro is that at last, it looks like there will be free seats at rush hour!

Once in the office, it will be strange to see our colleagues in person again and not through a small window on our computer screen, with no video or audio breaks, no background interruptions, no time limits… at last, I will be able to ask questions without having to send a link or dial a number! And that’s certainly one of the best things about coming back to the office.

One of the things that have happened because of the confinement is that the house became an office, and the office became a home. After a few months of living in this situation, I can say in my case that it is important that both places do not become the same, as it is good that one place allows us to rest from the other.

And finally, after a day of work at the office, I will turn off the computer, pack up my things and say something that I haven’t done for months… I’m going home, see you tomorrow!

Carlos Gómez


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