May: A month of restarting


I just completed my first month at my new house. So far I have to admit that has been an amazing process. But tiresome.

I had to get used to a new neighborhood, since I moved from Sebastian, a satellite town, to Vero Beach, near my work.

I rediscovered myself in a new house, that is pretty old – a brick townhouse in the downtown area dated by the 50s. I’ve adpated myself according to her, with her habits and housing logic.

I knew a new roommate andIt’s a compass that we are slowly getting right

So, even if by day 5 of June I will complete my 4th month in America, I feel that I am restarting again. An old cycle has been gone and a new one is beginning.

Experiences at Vero: Boat day

I didn’t travel a lot this month, compared to the last ones, but instead, I decided to enjoy the town and get to know the neighborhood cities.

For the first time, I have been on a boat, to hang out on there and enjoy the ride. The feeling of the wind and the water running through us, the awesome view the entire way, the fun that I have done with some friends, the sunny day that we got – memories of a day that I could never forget.

Holiday: Memorial Day

Luckly, I have spent the Memorial Day holiday here. I saw all the American flags and bath suits, the cheers that were happening all over the place, and the respect that emanates from the majority of people.

To be hones with you, It was really interesting, as a Brazilian, to understand and compares the patriotism that I see in America to the one in my native country. The contrast between them makes me reflect and wonder about the reason that might lead to these scenarios. There is no right or wrong, it’s only different to me.

In addition, understanding the whole American history is another prerequisite to enjoying the holiday and driving deep into American culture and embracing the perspective of a native.


In conclusion, it was a month of rediscover, patiente and a lot of learning.

A great opportunity to readapt and get to rediscover yourself. Definetely fun.

Afterall, I hope that June comes with great surprises as well. 🙂

Stephany Altruda


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