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My story

1 year gone by too fast!!!

It was the first week of July in 2019 when I was all overwhelmed with my upcoming architecture internship program in The United States of America. My dream had come true and I could see it all happening. I landed in New York City with a true spirit of living the next one year with full zest and enthusiasm and making the most use of each day while I am in the States. It still feels like yesterday to me. They say “time flies” and I truly felt it. It was one of the best times of my life.

My overall experience has been wonderful. I got to learn so much not just related to my career but life, people, world, politics, money, independence and much much more. Each day has been remarkable learning experience for me. I truly lived an independent life back in Sarasota, Florida. I tried my best to make each day count, I earned a few credentials which now I can proudly use with my name on my resume. I got to explore America, New York-Chicago-Boston-Philly-DC-Savannah-Atlanta-Tampa-Orlando. I got the opportunity to attend world’s largest green building conference in Atlanta through which I got to network with people around the globe. I made some good life-promising relationships with people.

Learning about architecture has been truly amazing. Exploring the important landmarks, stadiums, national parks, cityscapes, infra, and much more. It has given me a broader aspect in my life. Working with Carbon Design and Architecture has been truly worthy of all. I had been given a medium to express myself, interact with project stakeholders, project management and learning about business side of the architecture is utmost important. Right from site visits to material selection and specifications to drawings and construction, It has been a wonderful journey in developing skills.

Last but not the least, I would like to thank Architect-US for supporting me and really making my dream come true. They had been with me throughout the year and I always had their back. It wouldn’t have been possible without my host company and Architect-US. Thank you all once again 🙂

Nishtha Sadana

Intern at Carlson Studio ArchitectureSarasota (Florida)

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