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[Challenges Series] Get your best drawing ready and register to our Drawing Challenge today!!!

Come one, Come all! Join the Second Challenge to the Architect-US Challenge Series by submitting your best drawing to us! We will post your best drawing all across our platforms from LinkedIn to Facebook to Instagram. By sharing this challenge with your friends and gaining more participants, you have a higher chance of getting a blog written about your work and posted to our blog.

We continue working to showcase the inspirational work of our community through the Architect-US Portfolio Challenge, and now we will begin accepting submissions from all our Community Followers for our Challenges Series. The Drawing Challenge is now open and we can’t wait to see your best drawing!

To participate you only need to fill out the form below to receive the next steps to submit your best drawing to us and get the exposure you need to take your career and personal brand to the next level!!! 🙂
Make sure you pick your best drawing, as we will be posting your work all over our platforms (from Instagram to Facebook to LinkedIn to our blog!!!). Fill out the form at the end of this post so we can reach out to you and receive your masterpiece for the Drawing Challenge!

Participating is as easy as 1, 2, 3…
  1. Follow us on Instagram @architect_us
  2. Comment on our Insta Drawing Challenge post tagging 3 friends that draw as great as you do. The more friends you tag the more chances to win a full article about your work in our blog that receives more than 10000 visits per day!!! [We can include up to 10 of your drawings]
  3. Share this post on your Instagram Stories and tag us @architect_us including the hashtags #DrawingChallenge and #architect_us.
  4. You must own the copyright for the image and caption submitted and give permission for Architect-US to republish your post.

You can participate till Sunday, August 9th at 12am EST, New York time. We will be posting the winner on Monday afternoon, so stay tuned!

Best of luck to all who join! Do not miss out on this great opportunity to showcase your beautiful artwork to the world! 🙂


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