Living in the mountains with more breweries per capita than anywhere else in the U.S

There are more than 60 breweries in the region. Asheville was first named Beer City USA in 2009.

It is funny to think and experience the weather here in Asheville, it is a small city (in population) but has a very active art community. 
It is very interesting to notice the strong contrast found between the cities old traditions and the very modern artist that live in Asheville. The art district is by the riverside , and it makes a great and very inspiring tour.
There is a great river (French Broad River) that goes through the city and during the weekends, whenever there is good weather, many people gather and jump on to the river armed with beers and infatable tubes.
Because the river is always flowing there is nothing to do besides enjoying the local beer and beatiful views, due to the fact that there is no constructions on the sides of the river, so it almost feels like you are far from civilization. Asheville is a city known for its many local breweries, so it feels like tubing its almost a mandatory way of tasting some of the many beers made here.
 French Broad River

Juan Gaviria


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