First month in NYC

First month succeeded! I have been here for one month and it feels it was yesterday! I can’t believe time went so fast.

I think that is a good signal! I am really happy in the studio nArchitects is really cool and the projects the office is working on are super interesting! I have learned much more that I though in just one month. Now remember how stressful was the first week, and how I feel now every day. You can imagine, first proper job as an architect, other language, other metric system, other way of projecting architecture. Everything was new, even the timetables like breaks, lunchtimes, dinner. But it is incredible how fast we change habits and get used to new routines and ways of working! Also, thanks to my colleagues, the atmosphere there is great, and I feel completely integrated in the office! Now I feel a proper new Yorker!

About the experience of living in NYC, what can I say, it is being just amazing, there are so many things to do, it is something even difficult to decide what to do or where to go. One of the things that I am more fascinated about since I arrived is the wide offer of cultural program. I am super fan of museums and galleries and here is the paradise for it! I really want to take advantage of this and learn as much as I can! Every week there are new options, for all the tastes and ages. Starting with the multiple museums, all well-known worldwide, the famous galleries in Chelsea, the alternative spaces for art in Brooklyn and finishing with the spontaneous performances and openings organized by emergent artists all around the city

I am in love with the city! I am so excited for the next months to come! 馃檪

Maria Diego

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