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Approaching the architecture of 2020 with the right perspective

How do you approach architecture in today’s climate? We’ve seen drastic environmental changes in the recent years and there has been a great demand for improvement from the public.  People like Greta Thunberg -among many- is at the forefront of raising awareness to the problems that we as a society face today and will face in the years to come. That is why now more than ever architects are taking sustainability as one of the main driving forces behind the designs that are being made today. In a recent video released and produced by Planet-Site and with the aid of the European cultural centre, Bjarke Ingels talks about the way of thinking in architecture and what has lead him in his bold design choices. Bjarke states that “if you look, listen, and learn, there is so much to play with“. Referring to much of what the architect’s role should be in what is to come ahead. He also leads us to think about the question of whether sustainability is not a sacrifice? What if it’s actually simply the more desirable life choice?. Which is the question that you as young designers should be asking yourself to enter this period in your career. Specially now that it seems as if we are plunging into the unknown, it is paramount that we take into consideration the difficulties we encounter today, and those of the future.

The world and life as we know it is in a constant change. With the increasing demand and aspiration in today’s architecture and the growing complexity involved in projects, it is up to you to take ownership and a stance in architecture. With the drastic changes we have seen till now, we have to make the necessary changes to help the future generations. Making a positive impact and targeting socioeconomic, demographic, ethnic and climate-related problems will be the key factors that will allow you to help make a substantial turn in the right direction. To see how Bjarke Ingels’ BIG has helped impact the world in a positive way, make sure that you take a look at their website and that you see the projects that have been developed by him and his firm. This is the opportunity for you to act as a sponge and absorb as much information that you possibly can, specially from those that are making a change. Take a look at projects that are taking place in different parts of the world and how different perspectives are being taken to approach problems from a different angle. That is why any competitions, events, and programs which revolve around global architecture are important, because they give you information essential for you to impact architecture across the different environments, climates, cultures, and necessities of people.

Click here to see the video of Bjarke Ingels and his approach to design ahead of 2020. The video was also made as part of a lead-in to the Venice Architecture Biennale which will open to the public in May 21, 2020.


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