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Titusville airshow

This post will be a new episode of things that you can see in Florida and are very difficult to see back in Spain. By chance, I run into some advertisement of an airshow in Titusville, few miles from downtown Orlando and I thought would be a good idea to assist.

When I started to speak about it I realized that this kind of shows are much more popular than I expected, and there are a lot of them all around the year.  Again, USA knows how to do a good show.

I only went one day out of three but I think is one of the best things that I have tried in my time in the US. Since I was a child I liked planes almost as much as I like buildings and models so I really enjoyed seating in real cockpits and closely observing a whole lot of aircraft. Nevertheless, the best part was undoubtedly the flight show itself. During all day there were different exhibitions from acrobatic flights that scared all the presents to classic planes from WWII interpreting a battle with fireworks.

Probably you still have the opportunity to see one of the shows, if you feel like watching something different in the outdoors I would recommend it. Bring a hat with you!

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