6 ways spreadsheets will help
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6 ways spreadsheets will help you

It’s application time! We all know that this is a rather tedious and time-consuming period for all of us. You sit at your desk for hours on a day’s end and try to send as many job applications out to companies as you can. In doing so, keeping track of all of your applications and having all of the contacts and firms organized becomes a hassle and having to remind yourself of everyone’s name is almost impossible. That is why we recommend you use a spreadsheet and we recommend you to read the 6 ways spreadsheets will help you. You’ll see that it will make your life a whole lot easier when sending out applications! If you are currently very busy and this is something that you are having a lot of difficulties with, you can always register to our Job+J1 Visa Program here. We will be the ones that present you with the opportunities and keep track of your applications and open processes. However, if you are doing this on your own we recommend that you stick to a spreadsheet, it will help you with the following things, the 6 ways spreadsheets will help you:

1. Did I send it?

A spreadsheet will help you keep track of the firms which you have send out your application to, this comes specially handy when you are sending dozens of applications a week

2. Where is it?

When you send a lot of applications at a time, specially when you are applying to multiple cities, you might forget the location of a particular firm

3. Saving time

Instead of having to go to the web to find the number of a company, it’s a great thing to add it to your list, that way you can carry that information with you and reach out to any company if needed.

4. Who was that?

Creating the spreadsheet will also help you track the person in contact and allow you to keep track when there is more than one person who you are in contact with at a firm. Trust me, if conversation picks up quickly with several firms, you want to make sure you know who you are talking with and not mistake one person for another!

5. Feedback

Add a feedback section to your list, that way you can track down responses from companies. That will remove the chance of making the mistake of contacting someone who has already responded to you.

6. Notes

Any notes you can make so that you can personalize responses is great. So if you were in contact with someone via phone and there is anything that you can include in your conversation for next time, it will show that you are organized and even detailed!

Here we leave you with a spreadsheet template that might be of great help to you!



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