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Your role as an intern and what you should be looking for

Are you considering in pursuing an Internship in your profession? Do you know the value they bring to you and your career? An internship is a great supplement for your growth as a professional and will prepare you for trainee and full-time roles in the future. They are there to give you the foundations that you will carry on in your practice and will act as an introduction to what you can expect working in the field. First things first, you must know that as an Intern under the J1 Visa, you are only allowed to stay for a maximum duration of 12 months and you must be between the ages of 18 and 25. You must also be currently enrolled in and pursuing a degree at a certified post-secondary academic institution outside of the U.S. OR have graduated from one less than 12 months before the start date of their J1 program. If you meet these requisites, you can then begin thinking about the traits that make up a good internship. It is important that you use this opportunity to learn as much as you can from practicing professionals. We can probably make the conjecture that you want to be a licensed architect down the line, and an internship will help you get there.

What you should do, and what we help you with at Architect-US, is in finding a structured internship. What that means is that we want you to be exposed to as much phases as possible during any given project. Ideally you want to learn and take in as much as you can from your employer, and you want to get all the benefits which are encompassed in every stage of the design. That means that you will not be going for an internship that is specific to a single task, but to a rather a more complete and proactive role. Giving you new skills sets and techniques and the opportunity so that you can improve your 3d modeling and drafting skills, continue your practice in the Adobe Suite, model making, and learning about construction drawings. These are just among the basic skills that you should be looking for when considering available internship positions. If you find an internship position on your own which interest you, should find out your role and the type of work that you will be doing. Ask questions so that you can find out if you will be able to get experience from a full cycle of a project. Essentially what you want to look for are good characteristics that deem this as a quality experience.


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