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The “To do List”

The first month in New York has passed by so quickly I didn’t even have the chance to realize it. My journey in the states started right away, besides looking for a housing solution, among the first things that were in my “to do list” as soon as I arrived were to do my Arrival Check-in, to apply for my TFN and last but not least to open my Bank Account (no worries Architect-us will provide  you with all the information you need prior to your departure and assist you if you have issues). So once I arrived my biggest concern was related to housing: I had to get settled and figure out all I had to do in order to begin working at S4A without any thoughts.

I didn’t feel confident in booking a permanent solution before arriving, I so booked a temporary room for one week to give myself time to search for permanent accommodation. I started looking for a place to stay back in Italy one week before departing. I couldn’t play too much in advance because I wanted to have the chance to visit the apartment in person and to meet my future roommates prior giving any kind of confirmation or signing any type of lease. Before departing, I did my research trying to understand which could be the right area for me to search and also asked advice to my firm, which was very responsive and gave me a couple of advice. It is essential to understand what you want to gain from this experience and when you search keep in mind your budget (housing is actually pretty expensive) and the proximity of your apartment to the public transport. Do not underestimate commute and I suggest to keep in consideration to bike to work with the good weather; you’ll get the chance to discover the city from a different point of view and to do a little bit of exercise (you will enjoy it even more after an intense working day at the office).I managed to schedule some appointments right before leaving my country, and on Saturday I was already looking at my future room. I sent a lot of requests on ads I found on NYC housing pages on Facebook that turned out to be very helpful and after approximately one week and a half of messages and house visits, I finally found the perfect fit for me and was able to settle down.

I am now getting to know my American housemates, and in the meanwhile I also managed to buy a bike and am now biking to work and enjoying the views the city has to offer.

Giulia Pierotti

Intern at S4ANew York

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