Living by myself in Kansas City

It was a morning with bright sunshine. After a very long freezing winter, spring is finally here. It was Sunday and so I was relaxed. Just then I started pondering over how beautifully these 6 months have turned out for me. Setting up my own little place, that I will call my home, going to work, moving around new places, earning and saving to weekend trip around different states, cooking by myself or sometimes hanging out in a cafe near by. It felt I have finally grown up. You see, being a 21- year old from India does not necessarily make you live independently. You are still dependent on your parents some way or another. I know it sounds like its the first time I have lived like this, by myself. But that’s not true.I study in Ahmedabad, Gujarat few miles away from my home town for three and half years. But I never felt completely by myself. In my heart, I knew, I am never entirely responsible for myself. And so this internship, in entirely new country was important.

Traveling has always been an important part of who I am today. Visiting over 15 countries has taught me so much about people, their lifestyle, festivals, etiquette, culture. It helps me sub-consciously to always remember that the world is very big and their is so much that is done, their is so many new things and so many new experiences.

We can not stick to one thought and one habit and one idea forever. We need to grow. Yes, GROWTH, that’s my take back from two months. My memories are stories to my new friends and their life is an experience I get to live for 6 months. I have learned to listen and observe patiently. All this has made me grow much much more.

I have realized that, this six months not only gives me the chance to connect to new people. But you have given me a chance to value my wonderful friends, my family back home. I have learned an important lesson. Be full of gratitude. And you will receive amazing new chapters for your life.

Kuhoo Patel

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