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Ideological perspective in the World and in Architecture

Architecture has always played a major role in culture and has been an echo of people’s past and present. Human interaction and principle has superimposed a physical environment’s construction and has been a reflection of human advancement and ideological perspective. It is a reciprocation of the people and their response to a nation’s economic stance, historic importance, meteorological condition, demographic location, environmental challenge, and even more profound instances such as war and the impact it marked on society. To view things in retrospect we must recognize the role all these factors played in the development of architecture throughout history and how it manifested itself in different cultures and people’s minds.  It has been looking glass of how we see the world and the expression of former and contemporary practices. How can we determine and evaluate how a physical environment shapes the structure and way of life?

Architecture is a manifestation of the advancements that we have made as human beings and as a society. Simply contemplating on how people in Ancient Africa, Europe, and Asia used mud bricks as a means of construction and then taking a jump to Europe’s flourishment in the 17th and 18th to the appearances of Rococo and Baroque and its expression of grandeur and majesty, the evidence is present for us absorb and engage in. Progression has been a cause and effect of advancement in trial and error in construction and in knowledge. It is a cross pollination of different practices and execution, and the introduction to new materials that may not have been readily accessible before. Despite the many hardships that maritime trade brought in the beginning of time, it was the growth in trade that allowed a growth in methodology.

Essentially, the purpose of architecture is to create a habitat that fulfills the needs of society and individuals. Giving them a place to work and live and evolve as a whole. Bearing in mind that society is now a mixture of different perspectives and beliefs. We must, as a group, and as individuals make a positive impact on the people in our surroundings. Encouraging exchange Programs like Architect-US and manifesting institutions that bridge all of these beliefs, will benefit society on a much wider scale. Companies which choose to register in the program find that they can target a wider audience. Now, the analogy between the expansion of different architecture styles back in the 17th and 18th century, and maritime trade, also applies today to the way that the infrastructure and overall function of the office can eventually evolve and strengthen the way that architecture and design is used for the benefit of the people.

“Silicon Valley innovation is robust because of the extensive cross-pollination of ideas between individuals and companies”. Article from the Dean of the School of Information at the University of California at Berkeley

When we take into account all of the methods and spread of information and how it has made us grow as human beings, and how the cross pollination of people in different settings has given us room for more experimentation and thought, we undeniably realize how much progression and advancement we have seen in the last decades. That is seen across many multi-disciplinary practices and in architecture and having a global platform that delivers new ways in which we can evolve can yield to unexpected major breakthroughs. Assembling an office space and teams that offer distinct perspectives and come from different backgrounds and intellectual experience can bring people and members of different communities together. It will bring more resources to the table and enhance the creative thinking process.


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