First month gone by fast!

So, my first month working in the US as an Architect is gone!

I got here 5 days before I started my new job. I use those days to get a new SIM card, to explore around the area of and basically to see and learn how long it will take me to get to work since I am staying in Queens, NY and MVMK Architecture, my new firm, is located in Hoboken NJ

It takes me around 1 hour to get to work every day, I have to take the 7 train from Queens and get off at Times Square stop, then walk around 5 minutes to the Port Authority Bus station where I take the NJ Transit Bus #126 to Hoboken.

It sounds like a lot, but commuting to work here it’s pretty common and I am getting used to it, and this will be until I rent something closer to work, I spent that time reading some book that I got from the Queens Public Library. 

I strongly recommend joining the public library from your area, its free and it has a lot of benefits (not only books) like you can use computers and copiers.

Hoboken its a really beautiful town, it’s small and has a lot of historical buildings, its 15 min away from Manhattan with means is not the cheapest option for renting.

In this short time, I already have done and learned a lot, I have visited a lot of places especially in NYC like the Central Park, The Brooklyn Bridge and even went to a Mets game in the CitiField Stadium.

At work, the first days were supper Stressful since I had to get used to a lot of new things, like the units system: inches & feet or the paper sizes: Tabloid, Full size, etc.

But after a couple of weeks, everything becomes easier and as I said before you just get used to it.



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Cristian Cordova

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