The City of New York definitely makes the most of its water’s edge. With numerous waterfront parks with activities, sports, events, bike trails, piers and resilient public spaces.

Along the scenic Hudson River shoreline (between W 59th St and W 72nd St) is located the Riverside Park South, a multiphase waterfront park that combines new recreational open space, sustainable infrastructure, and the renovation of landmark industrial buildings while also creating shelter for native species. This park was initially designed in 1991 by Thomas Balsley and the latest phases have been developed by landscape architects SWA/Balsley.

Riverside Park South is an extension of the Frederick Law Olmstead’s Riverside Park, one of the only eight officially designated scenic landmarks in the City of New York and widely famed as one of the most spectacular waterfront parks of the City of New York.

This 27.5 acres park features boardwalks, off-shore walkway, promenades, bridges, overlooks, boat launch, and a variety of seating areas with unique designs and stunning views along the Hudson River. Riverside Park South has been developed with private funding by the developers of the residential towers located along this stretch of the Hudson River.

If you are exploring the Upper West Side this is a park you must check out!

Harold De la Rosa

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