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Ride from Santa Monica to Venice

That’s my favorite ride in Santa Monica. As soon as I arrived in the city, I rented a bike at The Bike Center Santa Monica, a very cool company that offers several services for cyclists.

They have a bike valet if you prefer to pay a monthly fee to leave the bike stored in a kind of shed while going to work or study, and also gives right to a locker and a bathroom with a shower. Lockers can also be rented out, so it’s an option if you need to store your luggage somewhere during the day. For those who are just passing through, the biggest difference is that they have different types of bikes, from electric to one with a box to carry things and even different Dutch models.

If you want to know better the region, it is worth to take a look at the guided tours offered by the company: at the Sweet Spots Dessert Bike Tour you will stop in Santa Monica stopping at three places to sample desserts; on the Main Street Eats Walking Tour the walk is on foot and includes food tastings and a stroll through the Farmers Market; the Venice Street Art Bike Tour is focused on graffiti; and the Urban Farming Bike Tour visits community gardens, composting systems, and bee farms

I took the bike there in their store, which is very close to the waterfront, and I rode my bike up to Venice Beach. The sand strip is very wide and I think is really cool that the paved part often sits right on the same beach, in the middle of the sand. I had never seen it before and I loved it.

Going straight to Venice is about 15 or 20 minutes, but you’re probably going to make several stops along the way. If you want to eat or drink something, consider one of Perry’s Cafe units. There are 12 in total, several in this area of ​​the beach, and one of them has beach chairs and a nice vibe with good music. I had a look at the menu and a latte cost 4$, a burger 14$ and breakfast foods came out for about 12$.

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