Dinning out in NYC for the first time since four months ago!

Hi everyone!

This last week I was walking around my neighborhood and I first time felt situation is getting better terraces are now crowded, summer vibes are there! During weeks I’ve seen friends from Europe starting to go out and meeting up friends again but here we were a step behind,… I have been willing to dine out so much that now just go for a coffee around the corner it feels like the best plan ever! I think we all now are going to appreciate more the small moments of the day which we didn’t pay attention before the pandemic. Something that people is telling me all the time that I find curious, are the new trends in the city. Apparently before COVID it wasn’t really common to seat outside for dinner or  going to parks for a picnic. Some of my friends from NYC told me that it is more of an European summer customs. The first days they were a bit exceptional with the idea but now they are starting to love it and are expecting that would establish here as-well.

It’s been more than three months since the locked down started and finally this week NYC has opened! Not all the business but most of them apart from restaurants and bars which are still doing dinner out. I think this last step we got into this Monday is going to have a big impact in our daily routines. People is going to start consuming and the economy would finally start slowly to reactive. The process it is going to be long, people talk about maybe one year to go back to the economical situation we were before the pandemic or who knows maybe even more. The effect are visible on the streets, a few months ago there wasn’t practically retail spaces for rent and now there is at list one on every street. Lets see what the future brings, for the moment it seems normalcy is getting here, we just have to wait for the development of the situation and practice social distance!

Maria Diego


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