I have to say this is a rollercoaster of emotions but I wouldn´t change it for anything!!

It was my first time applying for a non-immigrant Visa and even though I did apply for other student or tourist visit, this was by far the hardest procedure. Either way Architects-US help me through out the entire process and without them I wouldn’t be here.

So, I wanted to give you some tips regarding this application:

– First and most important, start with a lot of time. I have friends who did it in a rush and if it was already hard for me, imagine for them. The amount of documents you are required to fill, to sign or to collect is pretty big and not everyone is 24 hours available for you. So, I would recommend you start with at least to full months.

Ask all the doubts you have!!! As a person that doesn’t hesitate when asking, I fully recommend you to ask about anything you are worry about or that you are not sure how to do.

When going to the Embassy (specially for the Spanish) do not bring any jewelry with you!! TOOK ME LONGER TO PASS THE CONTROL THAN TO ACTUALLY GET MY VISA HAHAHA.

Be pacient!! Once you get to the embassy you may be lucky or not but normally there is a lot of people and it doesn’t matter when your appointment was cause it is a first come first serve basis.

And lastly but not least be happy!! This experience is incredible and thanks to Architects-US we can easily get to do an internship in the States. So get the most out of it with an Smile in your face.

Paula Lopez


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