Driving into the wild: Yosemite

Summer is ending up, and the temperatures are getting down, therefore is perfect timing to beging with the hiking season before winter.

California is well know for their Beaches and and surfers, nice weather and the films. On the other hand there are several national parks and wonderful places like Sequoia national park, lake Tahoe and Yosemite. This last one is the chosen one to spend my holidays during labors weekend.

I flew to San Jose to visit a friend who is living and working there too. During the flight I followed all the protocols, mask, wash your hands and others (Safety first) and my friend picked me up fron the airport. We spend one day visiting all the new buildings for the companies in the area, like Google and apple ( he is not an architect but I forced him to go to those places and he ended up appreciating it. The second day we drove together with his car to Mariposa. One of the closes cities to Yosemite before you enter into the park.

Yosemite is a beautiful valley between the mountains with a river in the middle and lot of waterfalls. As soon as we arrive I was really impressed by two things: the first one is ” el Gran capitán” one of the most famous peaks with a vertical wall that it’s always full of climbers trying to go to the top. The second one is that, you don’t have to forget this is america, the land of cars, so you have a new asphalted 2 lanes road to drive around the valley. I was expecting something more like a path in order to arrive to the head of the different trails.

We spent two days hiking in the morning and relaxing during the evening with a BBQ. we visited glaciar point, half moon and other wonderfull places. We also had lot of luck and we could see a bear in front of us, but always keeping distance (safety first as I said before).

After two days we went back to San Jose and I took a flight back to San Diego. The summer is gone but that doesn’t mean that I won’t have more adventures in california, is the beginning of new ones and all of these wouldnt have been possible without  the help of Architect-Us and their J-1 Visa program.

Alberto Lozano


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