Time to move!

It has been several months since I realized the need to find a new apartment and a new home here in Houston for the remaining duration of my time in the US. The task of finding the perfect home in this city hasn’t been easy. Conversations with my colleagues have made me aware of the lengthy commutes they endure, spending 45 minutes to an hour in traffic each morning just to reach the office. I’ve been fortunate so far, with a mere 15-minute drive ensuring my punctuality.

However, housing prices in the city continue to rise, although it can be said that inflation in Texas is not as drastic and impactful as in other parts of the country. With this realization, I understand that it’s time to start packing, going through all my belongings, discarding the unnecessary items that have accumulated over the past months, and preparing for the move.

The search for a suitable home was far from easy. After browsing through countless ads and websites, I managed to secure some appointments with different leasing offices. Initially, I had envisioned myself living in a large apartment complex, similar to what I had been accustomed to. These complexes offer numerous amenities, such as a gym, swimming pools, and a leasing office with attentive staff and security.

However, as I explored the city, a desire started to grow within me to reside in a cozy American house with a well-maintained garden and a charming terrace, where I could enjoy my breakfast each morning. At first, I believed this dream would remain out of reach. The apartments within my budget didn’t quite match the vision I had in mind. There was a moment when I even considered the possibility of enduring long daily commutes to the office.

Fortunately, fate intervened. One of my colleagues, after hearing about my predicament, recommended a newly constructed house owned by friends of theirs, which was available for rent. I couldn’t believe my luck. Two days later, I found myself standing in front of the house that had been proposed to me, and it was exactly what I had always imagined! And guess where I’m writing this from now?!

Federica Ferremi


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