Sunday Jazz

During brunch, one of my friends told us about a place in Washington Heights where there were jazz concerts every Sunday.

Eventually, we decided to go. After almost an hour of a subway ride from Brooklyn we arrived to 160th street, us far uptown as I had ever been. Within a few minutes, we arrived to the building. It had a beautiful entrance hall, in contrast to the simple and not so maintained staircases through which we arrived to the place.

The place, called Parlor Entertainment, is directly Marjorie Eliot’s own apartment. For almost twenty years, she has been organizing jazz sessions in the living room every Sunday afternoon. Once inside, the whole apartment was packed with people sitting and standing. In the back of the living room, there was a piano and three musicians playing saxophones, flutes, basses…

After making ourselves comfortable and finding seats, the concert started. Needless to say, every musician was amazing, and the two hours of the concert passed in the blink of an eye. On top of that, Marjorie walked around offering water and juice to everyone. Apart from being the nicest host, Marjorie plays the piano beautifully, and seems to really enjoy playing in front of everyone she calls “her family”. That day was even more special since it would be her son’s birthday, who passed away some years ago. She became a little emotional talking about him before playing the last song, When the Saints Go Marching In, where everyone shyly joined singing, as her niece had a much nicer voice than everyone else.

The concert finished, and after saying thank you to Marjorie and the rest of the musicians we headed out for some coffee and sharing thoughts about the concert, before another hour of subway ride to our homes, ready for another week.

Julio Picatoste


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