Crowds flock to the immense Sheep Meadow lawn in the heart of Central Park on a warm summer afternoon with the midtown Manhattan skyline as a backdrop. Photo taken on: June 02nd, 2007

Summer in the city

The six months benchmark has now been passed; I am finally starting to feel like I can keep up with the rhythm of the city.

On the professional side, my training has been going really well. The team is very close, we push each other up and bring the best out of each other. I am getting more responsibilities, and getting a lot more invested on the project. The project we are working on has now moved to the CD phase. Meaning a lot of our drawings have to be very detailed, which is teaching me a lot. I am not only learning how to draw in a detail but also how to manage our time and priorities. We are also constantly exploring the design of many instances and details of the building, and being involved in the design is very interesting and enriching.

On the cultural side, the month of July has been full of discoveries and great adventures.

Starting by the July 4 celebration, witnessing how American citizen celebrate independence day was very interesting and fun. My friends and I took part in the celebration and joined the gatherings that were taking place for the occasion. This also helped me discover more part of New York that I hadn’t been to yet! This month was also full of culture, going to visit galleries and museums as well as wandering in the markets and fairs going around town. The only partly negative part of the month is the heatwave currently hitting the city. The temperature keep on going up, and this sadly limits the capacity to do a lot of outdoors activity due to the heat. I am looking forward  to is the concerts taking place at central park; I can’t wait to experience it and create new memories.

Sarah Sioufi


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