September: Trip to Rock Springs

Florida is well known for the number of springs over the territory. During summer, it provides many water activities perfect for dealing with the warmer weather.

The main ones like Three Sisters Springs, Ginnie Springs, Madison Springs, and Rainbow Springs are unique destinations. But be careful to get there earlier to avoid being packed.

This last weekend was my turn to visit spring and do my first camping experience. I came up with a group of friends to visit Rock Springs at Kelly Park, near Orlando, mainly because it was cheaper than the others and near us at Vero Beach.
Since it was my first one, I had no idea what to expect, but it was better than ever I thought it might be. Unfortunately, camping experiences are not as usual in my country as in the USA, so I thought it was worth doing.


Before scheduling your trip, remember that getting there earlier is always better to enjoy the journey as much as possible. However, unpacking everything, setting the tents, and organizing the food takes time, so be aware of that. Also, please don’t bring anything valuable with you; be open to getting dirty because that is part of it.
We brought three different items to the camping area and added them all to become bigger ones. The process of getting your place up was fun and challenging at the same time. Fortunately, it took only one hour to set up everything.




The spring has crystal and cold water, with much wildlife surrounding the riverbank. We could even have the chance to see some deer around, a singular moment for sure.

We got our floats and went tubing down the spring; many people were also doing snorkel along the path. It was so relaxing letting the water let you through the way. The current was vital to keep us going at an excellent speed, but without being that fast.






There is something special about lighting the fire and gathering everybody around.We played games, cooked smores, and had hotdogs over the grill.

Usually, it’s hard to be in this kind of presence in your daily time. It happens since we are always concerned about something or somehow stimulated by lights or information in our surroundings. So having this kind of experience, in direct contact with nature, allows us to realize how sometimes life could be much simpler and more joyful.





Stephany Altruda


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