trainee program in San Francisco

My first month of my trainee program in San Francisco

Wow, time flies. It’s been almost a month since I arrived to the USA to start my trainee program in San Francisco and my live has completely changed.

All the beginnings are complicated, new language, new culture, new working system, but I have to say, that I even haven’t had time to think about it. Getting used to your new live in the US is exhausting, but this is also the best way to start and go with the waves -not thinking too much is the key-.

I’m really happy with everything, this city is awesome, every single corner is beautiful, but also the people here, they are all so friendly. I don’t know too many people yet, but I have the feeling that the is not going to be a difficult thing.

I’ve been very lucky to do my trainee program in San Francisco with my apartment, a friend of a friend was leaving her room and I just took it. It’s a really nice room, in a good neighborhood 🙂

The office environment is also very chill and comfortable, everyone has been very nice with me, and now I fell like I’m part of their little family. We have lunch all together every Tuesday, so this is also a great opportunity to speak and get to know everybody a bit more.

I am really happy that I have taken the the decision with Architect-US, this is a dream becoming true!

Alejandro Alonso


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