Feeling like a local

If there is one thing that is clear to me after three months of living here is that this city is crazy. You never know what to expect when you leave the house and take the subway. I am delighted and I would say that every day I like it more and more.

This month I have dedicated myself to get to know more hidden and less known places in the city. I was lucky enough to find some authentic bars from the 20’s. I also attended a baseball game which was quite an experience. In the middle of the game it started to rain like it had not rained for days and they had to cancel the game. But, at least the Yankees won. All the time it was raining, while we watched the stadium emptying, another friend and I stayed there enjoying the music that the stadium workers very kindly played for all the spectators who were reluctant to get wet. Afterwards, the subway ride back was one of my strangest experiences in the city, as all the people in my carriage returned home singing to the sound of: New York, New York.

I think it’s clear that summer is over and winter is getting closer and closer. I can’t wait to see how beautiful all the parks are going to be once the trees are painted in copper colors. Mind you, I’m not mentally prepared at all to face the freezing cold of winter.

Let’s just say that this month I don’t have much more to tell. In general it has been a quiet month, full of work and plans that make me feel more and more a citizen of this incredible place. The next few weeks are loaded with rigby games with the team and some travel, and I can’t be more excited.


Iratxe López


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