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History is written on the iconic monument and building of the city of NYC highlight strength ness, liberty, and tase for the design. Museums tend to let us have at least an idea of the essence of this city through the years. Those museums you’ll be able to find in NYC will make you feel transported to a period of time that will let you know about the general history and also the origins of this amazing city.

Design with Attitude, the icon of New York. The history is interesting, but what is passionate to millions of New Yorkers is the design, in this city-born tendencies that have a significant impact in the fashion, architecture, food, and many others ways for art. Proof of this is:

  • Architecture: Architecture and Design Festival, ad event that celebrates the creative spirit behind architecture and design with a curated selection of films, events, and panel discussions.
  • Fashion: The Met Gala, an annual fundraising gala for the benefit of the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute in New York City. The participation of many influential people helps this fundraising event provide benefits for local arts purposes.
  • Food: New York Times Food Festival, a two-day food festival event with three newspaper-themed sections: The Park where you get to taste food from a bunch of restaurants, The Talks where you can listen to talks from food experts, and The Nights where you get a unique dining experience.

Sometimes you’ll feel super energetic, and the sensation of being part of some things will come to you because of the dynamism of the city. This energy will let you move to be of groups to explore, and let you live at the full experience of the city that for some is known as «The Jungle of Concrete»; however, for me is «The city of radiance.» because being here makes you feel that you can live every second to the fullest.


Moisés Arauz


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