Sunday, game day!

Good Afternoon Everyone,

How are you? here in Miami everything is going great! 10 month passed by and I am starting to feel more and more involved into the American culture and some of their habits are becoming part of me too.

One of these habits is connected to one of the principles on which American constitution is founded ( I am joking) and it is SPORT. the importance the sport has into the life of American people is renowned and you can actually feel it when you leave here. In fact, as we the Italians, love to meet and eat together, for the american, game day is the occasion they create to see each other.

American children start to cultivate their passion for sports since primary school. They play a lot of sport: volleyball, basketball, football, swimming, running so on and so forth. The incredible thing is that each child play at least 3 sports. Sport is so important that if you play in a good team you gain your access to the best universities of the country… this blow my mind.

Sport is also spreading here into the United States thanks to their landscape. here there is no problem of space and you can see a hundred of thousand of arenas, stadiums, golf fields and football fields.

From all the sports I personally love basketball, and I am a heats fan. When in season, I love go to the arena and I really feel the passion the have for the team. I will post a picture that I took last time I went to see the game! I personally love this picture that shows the Miami heats arena even because the building was designed my ARQUITECTONICA, the firm in which I am doing my experience…It is so cool!

Tomorrow instead, is time to go and see Tigers at Marlins. this will be my first time assisting a base ball game and I have less then one day to learn the rule!

Speak soon..



Eleonora Colacurcio


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