Tons of Heat in Miami (NBA)

Since I was little I used to watch NBA games with my dad  on the T.V. I love the sport but I am not a fan of any team. But since I´m living  in Miami I wanted to go the a Miami’s Heat match. I bought tickets for the Miami Heat vs Toronto Raptors game ( the Raptors won the NBA championship in 2019 defeating the Golden State from San Francisco)  I thought this could be a good game.

I went with a friend on a Saturday night to Downtown Miami (it was the weekend with the lowest temperature of the season. I was freezing) We were just in time, so we enjoyed looking around specially at the stadium until we found our seats (I bought the cheapest tickets, 3rd floor).

I wasn’t sure what to expect apart from the match because when I watched it on T.V the game is all I see. But I was really impressed that the cheerladers apart from doing their show at the begining, they go all around the stadium throwing t-shirts and cheering the public. Meanwhile, the teams pet do their show and interact with the fans.  Additionally, they do a lot of  raffles like the best dressed or if you anwers the question correctly.

About the match, as I said before it was good. Indeed, it was more than good. The 2 first quaters were normal the raptors winning with 10 points of difference. But in the third quater the Heat was able to even the raptors and at  that moment the game began.

Every point that one team made the other one respond with the same amount of points. In that order, at just a minute to the end of the game the heat even the raptor to a 100 points, and we had extra time.

The extra time finished and the score was 114 for both teams, so another extra time was added, and the crowd was cheering, screaming, exciteted with the game. The match went to a third extra time (we almost enjoyed two games hahahah), and at that moment  the Raptors had 124 points vs 120.,and with just seconds to play the Miami heat had not choice of doing 4 points and it was the end of a very moved match. A whole experience with this match, more that what I could asked for.

Laura Velasco


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