Low season

The beginning of the year is considered low season. You can definitely tell the difference after all the past months with the buzzing streets.

First, there was the summer, with the nice weather that invites you to come visit, walk around the city or just hang out in the park or the nature. The end of the summer blends from August into September, so you can enjoy the good weather for a bit longer. Then it came the autumn, with all the festivities and events that are going on and still with a bearable temperature. Starting with November, just after Thanksgiving, everything was already set for Christmas. Christmas time was crowded, as it was expected. Once New Year’s festivities are over, there comes a break.

However, taking advantage of this break, there are many deals coming out. If you are into shopping, you have the sales. Flights are cheaper so it may be a good time to plan a getaway too. In addition, there are two weeks between January and February when you can get 2×1 in most of New York’s attractions. Moreover, if you love musicals and the theater, there is the Broadway week, with big deals and special pricing. There is also a week for the food lovers, the restaurant week, a great chance to try some of the best meals.

Basically, you have the perfect excuse to keep making plans and not stay locked home. Even if the weather is not that inviting, it is worth it to give it a try.

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