Looking for snow

Once Christmas and the New Year’s festivities have passed, it is time to get into the real winter. From what I have heard and what I have seen in the movies or in the news, I was expecting snow. I was hoping to see everything covered with a nice white layer, snowflakes falling softly from the sky, get a chance to use a sled or to make a snow fight. After that you could just go to a nice café and drink a hot chocolate or a hot tea while you warm up after being outside in the cold weather. I think it is a nice winter picture most of us imagine. However, so far it has been nothing like that. Yes, there were some spare days with some snow, but that was it, and it did not even settle for too long.

There has been one weekend this January in which it was so warm outside that you did not even need a winter coat, you could be completely fine only with a jacket. That weekend even some rooftops, usually closed during the winter, decided to open. Do not get me wrong, warm weather is great, but it is winter time, I was expecting cold and over all, I was expecting snow. This makes you stop and think about how much things are changing all around the world. I think we may not be aware enough.

As for winter in New York, they are known for being really long, so let’s see how everything keeps going. The good side is that it means that there is still plenty of time for the snow to come, so let’s not lose the hope!

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