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June: a month of wonderings and possibilities

An initial overall

This month has been gone so fast. I could explore the nearest tows more and enjoy the town where I live. By completing my fifth month in the United States, I could realize how far I have come and overcome all the challenges I have already been through; I am so proud of myself. 

However, I have to admit that this month kept me wondering about the future as well. I had the opportunity to make short trips around my town, which coincidentally provoked this chronological thought, especially about how America sees its future. Do I see myself in that frame? That’s a good question.

Jupiter overview -Mainland

Jupiter overview - Atlantic ocean

Experience on Jupiter

I spend a weekend in a town 1h30min away from Vero, called Jupiter. It is a lovely village, with a beautiful landscape. 

In addition, I have been to one of the main attractions there: Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse. The opportunity to see it all from an upper view emphasizes how the towns could conciliate their development with their natural boundaries, such as the Loxahatchee River and the Intracoastal Waterway. 


I have so much fun walking through the riverwalk as well. The parks and bars that I visited were so relaxed and laid back that my will was to stay there longer than one weekend. 

I concluded that this place is unique not only for its all-natural resources that we could enjoy but also for the infrastructure provided by the public institution in every experience without mischaracterizing the original spirit of the place.

Exposition of the oldest rockets

Me at their showroom

Experience at Space Kennedy Center

Kennedy space center stays almost two h from me, going up north in the direction of Cape Canaveral. It was an incredible experience that I recommend to everyone who has the opportunity to go.

 I have already known about the Apollo missions and some rockets, but I have to confess that experience in an immersive way is entirely different. Understanding the scale of a rocket right next to you is something huge. Besides that, I could also better understand the complexity and human advance we have been through since then, as long as I passed through the attractions.

The bold and ambitious perspective that president Kennedy had at that time to encourage and lead the effort of a whole country to overcome a situation that appeared almost impossible at that time is inspiring. I am sure the cost was high for all of that, in terms of human and financial resources, but they accomplished.

That was the beginning of most of the technological advances we have today, motivating us to go beyond. But, of course, I am referring not only to significant events like that but especially in our daily life cause it all starts with one step sometimes.

Entry garden

Epcot's dome

Experience at Epcot

I also had the opportunity to visit the park theme called Epcot center from Disney World. It was a gardening festival at the time, practically a food and wine festival with beautiful gardens.

The park’s main idea was to estimate thinking of tomorrow, leading creativity to guide us to a new possibility of the future through a simulated experience of getting around the world. 

The interesting point of view that is implicitly posted on that experience is the idea that together we could rethink where we are going and reorient our lives in the right direction. Such as a vast lab of diversity and cooperation where you could see yourself, with the similarities and differences, in each other. 

Thoughts after all

That makes me think about the connections between my experiences. Somehow all of them, in different degrees, made me wonder about the possibilities of tomorrow. The strength and determination required to creatively overcome situations in a work team.  

Stephany Altruda


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