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Halloween: A Worldwide Celebration

Halloween is considered to be one of the world’s oldest holidays celebrated worldwide but especially in the US, where it reaches its highest level of popularity. Americans have such a vivid imagination when it comes to Halloween decorations that they leave you speechless…

Halloween became more of a commercial celebration in the US some years ago and its true customs might have been forgotten. Thus, wouldn’t be interesting to find out how other cultures perceive and celebrate this day?


Halloween is known in Mexico as “Dia de Los Muertos”, which is commemorated with a three-day celebration. The aim of this special day in the Mexican culture is to honor those who have left the physical world, but who are believed to return home to their families on this day. The majority honor their deceased relatives with altars decorated with things that brought joy to these spirits, while they were still alive. A washbasin and a towel are also prepared in order to let the spirit wash before enjoying the feast.

Festivities during “Día de Los Muertos” bring the most uncommon and interesting items. From breads and candies in the shape of skulls and skeletons to the scariest things you can think of.

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Halloween is known in Japan as the Obon Festival and it’s a completely different compared to the traditional American celebration. The Japanese dedicate this festival to the spirits of their ancestors. Not only do they hang red lancers, but they also light candles inside lanterns, which are afterward left to go down the rivers or seas. They believe that “welcoming fires” guide spirits to their homes and their beloved families, while “good-bye fires” are meant to illuminate theirs ancestors’ way back to where they belong, a better and peaceful world.

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Do you know that Halloween actually originates from Ireland? Even though the day is mainly celebrated as in the US, tradition is still alive in rural areas in the country where bonfires are lit as they were during the time of the Celts. Children across the country spend the evening “trick-or-treating” in their neighborhoods and afterwards they attend thematic parties together with their families. You may wonder if Irish parties are all fun and games. Well, they certainly are, taking into consideration that Irish people know how to have fun. One of the most popular games is snap-apple where participants have to bite a hanging apple, which is tied to a doorframe or tree. Besides, they play a game card which is a delight for the little ones. Cards need to be placed face down with candies or coins underneath them to bring moments of happiness in children’s lives.

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