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How to keep your productivity at the highest level

We live so fast and we spend most of our life working so is not easy to be all the time at 100% of our productivity and keep high levels of energy.

Pollution, fast food, transportation and keeping your eyes for more than eight hours in front of the computer with artificial lights makes us so tired.

First rule is keep moving before, while working an after. Also it is very important to do exercise, doesn’t mean you have to go to the gym and kill yourself, but try to walk as much as possible, get up stairs and keep yourself active. Mens sana corpo sano!

Concentration lasts no more than 20 minutes, so if you find yourself thinking in your next holidays, maybe is better to be conscious and change your duty for a while. It is also effective to know what time of the day you are more active to concentrate the heaviest duty for this time. You can also have a walk or refresh yourself.

Don’t exceed the doses of coffee, at some point you will need huge quantities of coffee to keep you awake and will make the opposite effect.

Care of your position. If you spend lot of time sitting your back will remember you after some years.

Try to bring your own food, your health with be so grateful (and your pocket as well) and to be honest homemade is always more tasty!

Keep yourself motivated and inspired reading about what you like or successful people that make you wish growth and learn. Have a look here. Set your goals always at short term trying to be realistic so you can make them real but don’t be afraid of dreaming.

Take action, don’t lose time. Set your times to check your personal accounts or social media.

Researching about your field to be update on the lasts trends. Nowadays information is power.

Architecture is field that keep changing so fast and innovation is the key. Be creative, conscious about environment, and adapt to the changes to be successful at your job.

And always, keep your mind positive and remember to smile!!!


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