Gorvernors Island Run – 5K & 10K

Which spot would you pick to go running in New York City, preferably with no traffic, with open space full of vegetation and views towards the different neighbors? Yes, this place exists and it is, Governors Island!

On May 19th, there was a race organized by NYC Runs, at this incredible place. A friend of mine and myself convinced others to be part of the run. As usual, it started at 9:00h in the morning, meaning you had to get to the ferry way earlier. However, is there a better way to concentrate more before a race than going by bout to an island?

About the course, the 5K was one loop around the island, while the 10K was two. It was a very “open to everyone” race, so many people not used to go running were able to join while usual runners could keep running their astonishing peaces. I guess this is one of the reasons why it was so popular.

I was able to finish after a 45 minutes effort! It was not my best peace but I can’t complain about it… I must keep pushing and try to beat myself next time. At the end, the pleasure and happiness makes the effort worth it!


Alejandro Tintore

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