Summer in NYC!

I will take a moment to write about the City that never sleeps and all the great things that it has to offer.  After all this time here, I am still amazed with all the events going on that I could never get tired of.

During summer, I enjoyed watching ”movies under the stars” in areas such as Hunters Point South Park or WNYC Transmitter Park in Greenpoint, both offering great views of the city’s skyline at sunset; Bryant Park and Central Park, are situated in the heart of the city surrounded by skyscrapers; Industry City, is found a little bit further, quite a remote area that’s still cherished by the people. Here you can watch a movie on a rooftop between two industrial buildings and end the night with an after party. This was an interesting experience because the main actor and the director showed up at the end of the movie. While some of those ”movies under the stars” are free, other  films require a small fee, usually less than the price of a regular movie. However, some of these films will surprise you with special features like an after party or unlimited beverages and food. If you are a movie lover, there are quite a few movie theaters in the city that are simply unique, either for the architectural style of the buildings or the experience during the movie. There is Nighthawk Cinema where they will serve you food and drinks during the movie or the Village East Cinema that has an impressive theater with a gorgeous chandelier.

I have also enjoyed exploring further areas in New York. Although, New York does not stand out for its beaches, they are still there as a good alternative for the hustle and bustle of the city. To some of them you can access by public transportation. Coney Island is one of the most famous beaches among tourists for it’s theme park next to the promenade and the first roller-coaster ever invented, known as the Cyclone. Rockaway beach, not far from this one, is much more frequented by new yorkers, where you can enjoy a free concert by the beach while you have a drink. Midland Beach in Staten Island is a completely different beach from the others. Here you can still enjoy some random music, but generally it’s a more quiet and family friendly beach where you will most likely have a barbecue by the beach than finding a bar nearby. This one is very pretty for the natural landscape.

Another of my favorite places is The Hamptons and Montauk, both at ”the end of the world”. Since you might need a car to get to those places, they are absolutely worth the visit. By the end of summer, you can still go to the beach and at the same time welcome the autumn season with a visit to the Hanks PumkinTown where you can pick up your pumpkin or apples, have a corn or a cider, or even go on a truck ride around the different fields as you enjoy the music and fun at the farm.

Not only days are longer during summer, but nights are more delightful spent in a rooftop bar with the great views over Manhattan. Between those rooftops, I would strongly recommend the Skylark or Bar 65 on the Rockefeller Building. While most tourists pay an arm and a leg to visit Top of the Rock, very few know that neither more nor less than half the price ticket of  the observatory, you can get a cocktail and still enjoy the same views from the 65th floor. Other cool rooftop bars are St. Cloud Rooftop Bar or 230 Fifth. A part from rooftops, one must attend at last one jazz concert in the city. One place I would surely recommand is Birdland Jazz Club.

Summer is the best moment to enjoy an outdoor sport event and have some fun. Even if you know the rules of the game or not, you will still have a great time watching a baseball game at the Yankee Stadium, or an american football game at the Metlife Stadium in New Jersey. This last one is such a huge thing in the US, where people camp in the parking lot hours before the game. Either you are a Giants fan or a Jets fan, or not into it at all, you can still have a barbecue in the parking lot and spend the whole afternoon there. You can always find some hot deals for most of the sport events on the Gametime App. As such, I got a last minute ticket to the US Open for the final between Nadal and Medvedev. What a game!

The Gametime app and Today Tix  have been my friends since I came here. Believe me or not, you might get quite addicted to such deals! Not only sport events, but also musicals, opera, ballet, orchestra or even concerts can be found on those apps!! There’s no thing like attending a concert or a basketball game at Madison Square Garden… As I mentioned at the beginning of this post, there’s so much going on that I could go on and write for hours, but I will let you guys discover more on your own about the city that never sleeps!



Cristina Marin

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